efficio |efˈfiːkɪoː|

1 to do, to produce, to make, to bring about, to cause, to prove;

2 a growing group of talented and effective IT developers and consultants, located in Czech Republic. Management:

  • Yury Yantsevich, CEO & CTO
  • Alena Yantsevich, CFO
We prefer Clojure and Ruby, yet any other modern technology is within our competence.
Contact us for more information. [1]

efficio |efˈfiːkɪoː|

1 makes software architectural design, plans developemnt, and consults in IT area;

2 develops software products in close cooperation with customer;

3 trains individuals and teams to support and to maintain completed products.

Neurolyzer |ˈnjʊərɒˈlaɪzə(r)|

1 Neur-o-lyzer, a combination of words "neural" and "analyzer";

2 a cloud storage and analysis service for brain data (mostly EEG), which aims to provide common way to add brain-computer interface (BCI) to customers' software. BCI-as-a-Service;

3 a set of libraries to connect to Neurolyzer API, which allow to embed and to use the key features with ease.